Rosas del Corazón: A Flourishing Journey in Rose Exportation in 2023

In the dynamic world of floral exportation, Rosas del Corazón has emerged as a beacon of innovation and growth. This year, 2023, marked significant milestones, showcasing our commitment to excellence. Here, we delve into the major wins and challenges RDC faced, highlighting their journey towards becoming a leader in the rose export industry.

Major Wins for Rosas del Corazón in 2023

This year, Rosas del Corazón achieved remarkable business growth, marked by a significant expansion in new partnerships, affirming prestigious standing in the global market and ability to build and sustain strong business relationships. Additionally, RDC demonstrated confidence and strategic insight by successfully entering two new markets, showcasing their adaptability and understanding of diverse market needs, thus solidifying their presence in the international arena. Concurrently, we made an impressive leap in cultivation, expanding from 15 to 19 hectares and introducing some of the trendiest and most sought-after rose varieties, reflecting their commitment to meeting customer preferences and staying ahead of market trends.

Overcoming Challenges at Rosas del Corazón

Rosas del Corazón faced several challenges this year that provided valuable lessons for future growth. Balancing innovation with production, we encountered difficulties in meeting the full demand for their novelty roses, underscoring the need for aligning innovative efforts with production capabilities. Additionally, we realized the need to optimize our rose length production, as we were producing more 40 cm roses while the market demand was higher for 50 cm lengths. This led to a strategic recalibration of our production to better align with market needs. Furthermore, the selection of certain bush roses proved to be a setback, resulting in the removal of several thousand bushes with small buds and low resistance. This challenge became a critical point of learning in enhancing their rose variety selection and cultivation processes.

Rosas del Corazón had navigated through 2023 with notable successes and valuable lessons. Our journey is a testament to resilience, innovation, and commitment to quality. As we continue to adapt and grow, Rosas del Corazón stands as a shining example of excellence in the rose export industry.

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