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In Search of the Perfect Rose!
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Quality &

You get freshly cut flowers of guaranteed high quality directly from the plantation.

About us

Rosas del Corazón is a well-known producer of premium Ecuadorian roses since 2008 on the flower market.

Our Collections

Garden Like Roses

Garden Roses are larger and have more petals than standard roses. This gives them a fluffy full look, similar to that of a Peony. Peonies are often popular wedding flowers, summer months, which is prime wedding season.

Luxury Garden Roses

Apart from their superior beauty and quality, they are also unique due to the location where they are grown. The roses are grown slowly which increases the petal count and the size of the flower heads. They have a naturally beautiful scent with sweet rose hip.

Luxury Spray Garden Roses

Miniature roses with multiple small blooms per stem. They are petite and beautiful, perfect as an accent flower and were created to be just as unforgettable as the person who receives them.

Premium Roses

Fine roses suit any special moment. There is a color for every occasion. Sometimes they are protagonists of good wishes, farewells, gestures out of the blue, and thousands of love stories.


Ecuadorian roses and flowers are known by its quality and beauty. Our farms are in The Andean region in Ecuador.
We produce amazingly beautiful flowers with shocking colors, larger buds, and bigger blooms


OurSocial Responsability

We are a company committed to a social responsibility model that focuses its efforts on improving labor, economic and social conditions in the areas where we set up our flower production plants.

Whatever the occasion, we’ll help you pick

The Perfect Rose

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