Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

We are a company committed to a social responsibility model that focuses its efforts on improving labor, economic and social conditions in the areas where we set up our flower production plants.

We try to always use non-polluting raw material and recycling material, trying not only to strictly comply with the laws and regulations on pollution and environment, but to go one step ahead, launching recovery programs of natural or conservation sites of flora and fauna.

We try to establish moral codes and conduct among all members of the company in order to ensure fair working conditions and a positive work environment.

At Rosas del Corazón we are aware of environmental protection, which is why we constantly implement improved supply and purification systems, achieving responsible consumption and less water pollution.

At the same time, through the implementation of specific programs, children’s education is supported in the “La Esperanza” population in the province of Cotopaxi, with incentives for the academic excellence of their children, and an annual Christmas celebration for all children of that community.

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